How icy tundra Canadian classifieds opens global advertisers window?
  • How icy tundra Canadian classifieds opens global advertisers window?

    icy tundra classifieds open global advertisers window

    • Icy Tundra works as a perfect Canadian classifieds as well as equally offers same opprootunity for global advertisers
    • How can a global advertiser sell with icytundra?
    • First Icy Tundra publishes all buy sell ads over world map. There is no requirement for opening multiple level folders.
    • Advertisements all over the world can be seen in first look just in one click over the map.
    • So any company who ships products or services to Canada from any country may advertise here.
    • Also any company who sells products or services from Canada to any country may advertise here.
    • International advertisers who  have offices in various countries opt for multi listing offer ( same ads stand at multiple locations to show your presence)
    • Already a plenty of US and international companies are listed here.


    Icy Tundra is the only place where Canadian shopper sees global advertiser in first look

    Welcome to Canada where people like global engagement.


    Icy Tundra Team


    How register with buy sell Icy Tundra?

    How to register ?

    • Click home
    • Then click any ads / postings
    • Click more information and get a full page of the ads.
    • Check at right side navigation. Find register menu.
    • Click register menu. Then enter user name and password
    • Check your e-mail and login with your password.
    • Fill up your actual name and all the details wherever you like to add.





    •  All suspecious e-mails ids and names like  ncbcbc, will be deleted immediately.


  • Why US advertisements listed in Canadian icy pages ?

    Why so many USA companies are listed in Canadian icy Tundra?

    • Cross border shopping has a very good price advantages on select products
    • No duty to any product purchased in USA for Canadians if it is for personal use
    • No duty to products  (single or bulk ) for personal and businesses if it is under made in USA or made in Mexico tags.
    • Similarly American companies pay no duty for made in Canada products.
    • American companies charge taxes for American shoppers only. No tax for foreigners.
    • If  a shopper buys online and if delivered from China prices are dirt cheap but attract duty especially when prices are above 200 $
    • Duty is a small amount of fee for foreign goods usually collected by Canada post or shipping agencies when delivered for personal shopping.
    • Check out some web sites like  duty  to see applicable duty+ taxes
    • Shoppers questions and suggestions are welcome.


    Let us see an example:  This is only for discussion and prices may change from time to time and no assurance of same price all the time.

    1.   The webcam is selling at 37.86 US $ at icytundra mall computer tundra shop. (This example is taken now 8th July 2013 1.20 US Canada Eastern time)
    2.  Many Canadian shops are selling at 90 ca$ plus 13% tax.
    3.  When a customer buys from our computer Tundra shop the price is 37.86 ……..No duty for Canadian or any foreign buyers. More over American shops do not tax Canadians and foreigners. Only thing is Canadian customer may pay shipping charges.
    4. In this scenario price in Canadian shop is around 102.00 S and American shop 40.00 $. We are leaving to customers opinion where they like buy.
    5. So it is understood cross border shopping saves money

    webcam selling at icytundra Mall


    Icy Tundra Classifieds Team

  •  Compare icy Tundra with other classifieds ( we call them as white pages)

     Compare Icy Pages and other classified listings

    1. Icy Tundra tells you on the first look the answers of following questions:

    1. Where are the goods are shipped from?
    2. How much shipping charges may be?
    3. Is there duty , taxes applicable?

    Nowadays because of the various web designs some times it is hard to find a company’s address even after browsing dozens of pages. Other classifieds just add the banners.  Icy Tundra buy sell  are the crystal clear classifieds.

    Clothing Dresses claasifieds

    1. 2. In general classifieds or white pages advertisers lose the visibility often. They need to  pay more for top pages, top ranking, top keywords, premium listing and big banners.
    2. Icy Tundra listings do not need top rank listing or big banners. why?  
    3. In icy Tundra visitors look from the top simultaneously all advertisers.
    4. 3. General classifieds lacks listing of foreign sellers. Viewers also usually see only local folders. Icy Tundra listings attracts all viewers and advertisers on first look.
    5. Nobody can mesh up with your advertisement….How?  In general classifieds people search by keywords, cities,categories and names and these keywords can be used by hundreds of advertisers. In icytundra people search regionwise and even they see the location of the advertiser. Nobody can stand in your address and they can be identified even if they stand nearby to the original advertiser.


  • Who can advertise in icy pages?Who can advertise in buy sell icy tundra?


    1. Any company who are willing to ship their products anywhere across Canada
    2. Any company who are selling or shipping from Canada to any part of the world.
    3. Any Individual who like to sell or buy  new or used / old products within Canada may advertise.
    4. A local classifieds can advertise only local sellers and buyers even not cover their adjacent city or province  and also have hundreds of bla..bla..bla..folder names.
    5. Icy Tundra buy sell  ads are not just within Canada. It covers entire sellers shipping or receiving from Canada to the rest of the world.
    6. Just 5 $ …………Your ads stand on the world map….for 30 days


  • Stop white page advertising. Start with icy pages



    Stop white page advertisement? Start with Icy pages from Canada Day.

    • [box type=”info”] White page advertisements mean the existing classified listings with hundreds of empty folders and sub domains with zero products. [/box]
    • [box type=”warning”] It is boring and annoying to browse directories with empty listings.[/box]
    • [box type=”download”] Icy pages are very simple to see and enjoying when browsing your classifieds.[/box]
    • [box type=”bio”] All advertisements are placed just in world map. If your are an advertiser it make you happy as viewer sees your ads in first look.[/box]
    • [box] No need for premium pages, top pages and bla..bla..bla.. top ranking pages because in icy pages viewers are watching from the top simultaneously looking all ads across the country[/box]







  • What is meany by icy pages?

    What is meant by icy Tundra Classifieds?



    • Icy Tundra Classifieds are classified listings appearing in a new pattern for viewers.
    • All advertisements are frozen in world map
    • No need for browsing hundreds of folders one by one.
    • In a very simple way just click home………then click category from bottom navigation and click  filter then  get the list of ads across the the globe.
    • Now it is not limited to a local classified.  A broad advertising option for upcountry /cross border sellers too.
    • It is a classified listing for anyone sells from Canada to rest of the world and and anyone sells or ship to Canada from any country.
    • Advertisers have to provide their address of shipping or warehouse if they are shipping from different country warehouses.