Compare icy Tundra with other classifieds ( we call them as white pages)

 Compare icy Tundra with other classifieds ( we call them as white pages)

 Compare Icy Pages and other classified listings

1. Icy Tundra tells you on the first look the answers of following questions:

  1. Where are the goods are shipped from?
  2. How much shipping charges may be?
  3. Is there duty , taxes applicable?

Nowadays because of the various web designs some times it is hard to find a company’s address even after browsing dozens of pages. Other classifieds just add the banners.  Icy Tundra buy sell  are the crystal clear classifieds.

Clothing Dresses claasifieds

  1. 2. In general classifieds or white pages advertisers lose the visibility often. They need to  pay more for top pages, top ranking, top keywords, premium listing and big banners.
  2. Icy Tundra listings do not need top rank listing or big banners. why?  
  3. In icy Tundra visitors look from the top simultaneously all advertisers.
  4. 3. General classifieds lacks listing of foreign sellers. Viewers also usually see only local folders. Icy Tundra listings attracts all viewers and advertisers on first look.
  5. Nobody can mesh up with your advertisement….How?  In general classifieds people search by keywords, cities,categories and names and these keywords can be used by hundreds of advertisers. In icytundra people search regionwise and even they see the location of the advertiser. Nobody can stand in your address and they can be identified even if they stand nearby to the original advertiser.