What is meant by Icy Tundra Classifieds?

What is meany by icy pages?

What is meant by icy Tundra Classifieds?



  • Icy Tundra Classifieds are classified listings appearing in a new pattern for viewers.
  • All advertisements are frozen in world map
  • No need for browsing hundreds of folders one by one.
  • In a very simple way just click home………then click category from bottom navigation and click  filter then  get the list of ads across the the globe.
  • Now it is not limited to a local classified.  A broad advertising option for upcountry /cross border sellers too.
  • It is a classified listing for anyone sells from Canada to rest of the world and and anyone sells or ship to Canada from any country.
  • Advertisers have to provide their address of shipping or warehouse if they are shipping from different country warehouses.