Why so many USA companies are listed in Canadian icy pages?

Why US advertisements listed in Canadian icy pages ?

Why so many USA companies are listed in Canadian icy Tundra?

  • Cross border shopping has a very good price advantages on select products
  • No duty to any product purchased in USA for Canadians if it is for personal use
  • No duty to products  (single or bulk ) for personal and businesses if it is under made in USA or made in Mexico tags.
  • Similarly American companies pay no duty for made in Canada products.
  • American companies charge taxes for American shoppers only. No tax for foreigners.
  • If  a shopper buys online and if delivered from China prices are dirt cheap but attract duty especially when prices are above 200 $
  • Duty is a small amount of fee for foreign goods usually collected by Canada post or shipping agencies when delivered for personal shopping.
  • Check out some web sites like  duty calculator.com  to see applicable duty+ taxes
  • Shoppers questions and suggestions are welcome.


Let us see an example:  This is only for discussion and prices may change from time to time and no assurance of same price all the time.

  1.   The webcam is selling at 37.86 US $ at icytundra mall computer tundra shop. (This example is taken now 8th July 2013 1.20 US Canada Eastern time)
  2.  Many Canadian shops are selling at 90 ca$ plus 13% tax.
  3.  When a customer buys from our computer Tundra shop the price is 37.86 ……..No duty for Canadian or any foreign buyers. More over American shops do not tax Canadians and foreigners. Only thing is Canadian customer may pay shipping charges.
  4. In this scenario price in Canadian shop is around 102.00 S and American shop 40.00 $. We are leaving to customers opinion where they like buy.
  5. So it is understood cross border shopping saves money

webcam selling at icytundra Mall


Icy Tundra Classifieds Team